Products Authenticity

In the wide world of business, it is the buyer's right to know the original product. We believe that the counterfeiting of a product occurs when the customer is satisfied with the use of that product and has confidence in it, and today, in order to continue your trust for many years, dear users, we tell you the way to know the authenticity of our products in a very simple and easy way. .

Razi Shimi Khorram company closes the way to profiteers and guarantees the authenticity of its products by using the latest technologies to detect authenticity.

Just scan the barcode on the product with your mobile phone to find out the authenticity of our product in less than a minute.

By scanning the barcode, all information related to the manufacturing company, product name, production date, batch number and information in the product catalog will be available to you.

From today, use Razi Shimi Khorram products more confidently than before Don't forget, we are always thinking about your health