Razi Shimi Khorram company, with the aim of supplying pesticides needed by the agricultural sector and reducing dependence on imported ready-to-use products, established and started a chemical pesticide production factory in 1379 with an initial capital of 1.1 billion Rials. Finally, in 1381, this factory entered the production cycle of this input by producing and delivering 3 products to the support service company.
And after the release of poisons since 2014, the satisfaction of farmers with the products of this company has been a great incentive for us, as today, after 20 years, the company has succeeded in producing more than 90 different pesticides that are available in all parts of the country. Dear farmers.

At the beginning, our sales agencies were limited to two provinces, Kermanshah and Mazandaran, but today, with the unwavering support of farmers, we have been able to have agents or sales agents in all the provinces of dear Iran, and our products are available all over the country and in sales centers. We offer

Farmers' impressive acceptance of manufactured products Razi Shimi Khorram It prompted us to double the number of production halls from one hall with an area of 360 square meters to seven halls with an area of 4500 square meters with 10 production lines which include: Insecticide and herbicide production line with formulations EC, insecticide and herbicide production line with SC formulation, oil production line, herbicide production line with WP formulation, granular poison production line with G formulation, round insecticide production line with D formulation, granular fertilizer production line and fertilizer production line Develop a powder.

On the other hand, Razi Shimi Khorram Company has undoubtedly always had a special view on food safety. We all believe that along with customer satisfaction, the issue of protecting the environment, reducing land and water pollution, should be strongly considered.
Along with creating food security, we believe in healthy food and today we proudly announce that our products are among the least dangerous and at the same time the highest quality pesticide products in the country.

In order to maintain the satisfaction of farmers and consumers and the necessity of innovation in the field of chemical pesticides, to ensure the health of the product and the absence of adverse effects on the environment, humans and non-target organisms, Razi Shimi Khorram Company in its research and development department (R&D) has. From this section, in addition to targeting the development of the pesticide portfolio and the production and introduction of pesticides with a short shelf life With the cooperation of researchers, professors and students, we always focus on the quality and performance of our products The health aspects of agricultural products are continuously monitored after the use of these pesticides.

Believing in the role of knowledge in the improvement and improvement of manufactured products, Razi Shimi Khorram Company has always been one of the leading companies in carrying out the following actions:
Conducting skill training courses in the field of correct use of pesticides and increasing their performance for farmers with emphasis on exemplary farmers in different provinces.
Admission of herbal medicine students to take practical courses in the factory and the research and development department in order to learn about the production environment and encourage them to innovate.
Financial support for innovators in the field of pesticide production by creating an environment for the implementation of their technological and innovative views, along with the production of pesticides needed by dear farmers; Relying on the power of the internal forces and in order to solve the concerns of the users, we have Rahpak Mehr International Company on our side, which has added some of the needs in ready-to-use form to Razi Chemi's production portfolio.

Today, despite having more than 20 years of valuable experience in the field of chemical pesticide production and understanding the needs of this input in the country's agricultural sector, we believe that we are still at the beginning of our journey and welcome your views, comments and criticisms, dear users. to guide us to produce more and better quality products of this company.

Our motto is "the secret of chemistry is a picture of satisfaction". We need and are proud of your presence with us. As always, we are by your side so that you can produce agricultural products with peace of mind.