News and updates

New products


The number of agencies
Razi Shimi Khorram dealers across the country are offering products


Products under production
Research and development department of Razi Shimi Khorram is producing and presenting new products


Number of products
Equipped with more than 10 production lines


Production line
It has 10 direct production lines for the production of domestic products
Why Razi shimi?

Easy and quick access of users to products manufactured in all parts of the country

Providing more than 90 different products of new and widely used pesticides

Provision of pesticides needed by farmers in the shortest possible time

Using the best raw and technical materials to make quality products

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رازی شیمی
Razi Shimi Khorram services

We are trying to be a pioneer in the world of producing agricultural pesticides and supporting domestic production

Incentive support

Supporting activities related to the promotion of science with incentive policies and advancing educational goals in the field of agriculture.

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Conducting chemical and physical analysis tests on soil, water and plant samples with the most modern equipment and personnel

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Online training

The main goal of the training courses is to help respected producers in the direction of higher quality national production and prevention of possible damages

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Maintaining the health of the environment

Adhering to the quarantine period in agricultural pesticides, providing detailed guidance on the correct use of pesticides, etc.

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Research and Development

Agricultural development research Sustainable growth and development of agriculture is one of the most significant and important goals of every producer

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Technical support

The mission of this collection is to promote and improve the culture of optimal consumption of agricultural inputs and also to help increase the yield

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