History of the Rahpak Mehr International Co

History of the Rahpak Mehr International Co

Rahpak Mehr International Co. has started its activities in the field of import and export of pesticides and agricultural inputs in 2005 with the approval of the Organization for the Protection of Plants (PPO) and in accordance with international laws.

Regarding the membership of Rahpak Co. in Razi Shimi Khorram Industrial Complex, which produces various pesticides, the company has been involved in the import and distribution of various agricultural pesticides since 2006 including herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, Acaricides and so on have begun their business and have been using marketing and sales policies to gain market share.

Distribution Network

The company in most of the country's provinces has succeeded in bringing together experienced and experienced vendors and companies as agents and sales agents to create an efficient distribution network to facilitate the timely delivery of goods for consumers and farmers. It also welcomes people with backgrounds and regional experts to collaborate.

Goals and Perspectives of the Rahpak Mehr International Co.

According to the Razi Shimi Company's emphasis on importing, producing and distributing low-risk toxins with high LD 50, which is currently in demand in Iran, this collection concentrates the production of the company on this group of pesticides, which is why the company Rahpak has focused its study and import on the provision of low risk pesticides .This company is also in organizing conferences and training programes for getting more familiar with the use of these toxins (As low risk).